Bluestem is revival of Texan Traditional Craft. But also a continuation, and a tribute.

Bluestem simultaneously curates beautiful objects from Texan artisans, manufactures hand-made goods, and designs products which share our customers’ love of the Great State. Bluestem is strongly dedicated to using local materials, local businesses, and local craftspeople for our merchandise. We hope that you can see this love and dedication in everything we offer.


Our Name

Bluestem is a prairie grass. Specifically, it is an old-world grass which was planted here in Texas, and soon grew to be widespread across the Texas prairie (maybe a little too widespread!). The grass itself is beautiful, and covers our prairies in the autumn with waves of golden hay. The wind blowing across it creates a ripple effect which catches the reddish light of a hot Texas October.

We are the same kind of mix between the two worlds, as Texans. We carry the old world to this land, plant ourselves in this soil, and we thrive, still remembering. Texas craftsmanship is based on Old World styles with New World materials, and we think that this grass both visually and symbolically echoes our mission to bring you the traditional craft of Texan artisans, a beautiful mixture of the Old and New Worlds.


Our Craftsmen and Artists (Coming Soon)