Our Showroom

Created as a complement to Shiner Prairie woodworks, Bluestem’s magnificent showroom was built over several years, with native Texas materials, including reclaimed masonry and architectural elements. The showroom is the physical space from which the Bluestem brand arises.

In the showroom, we will offer not only hand-crafted pieces from all over Texas, but also great foods from our family farm and seasonal products from our region. We believe that good craftsmanship and good agriculture cannot be separated from each other.


The Woodshop - Shiner Prairie Woodworks

Perched on a rise in the oak-studded prairie between Shiner and Gonzales, (home of great beer and Independence, respectively), sits a remarkable building, which draws the attention of every traveler down 90A. Shiner Prairie Woodworks, an architectural tribute to the landscape in which it lives, has been featured in Fine Woodworking and various publications in Texas. But although its presence is striking to the eye, there’s a deeper story beyond what you can see. The footprint on which Shiner Prairie Woodworks is built was established by Ross’s grandfather, who worked concrete on the spot before 1955. The old concrete works yielded not only its floor plan but also its bones, as a new shop was established, yet continuing the long family legacy of furniture craft. Our family’s oldest ancestor in Texas, Otto C. Henkhaus (arrived 1832), was a notable chairmaker. Today, Ross Tieken creates furniture and cabinetry of original designs, and with expert craftsmanship that is a continuation of the family’s legacy in Texas.


Our Family Farm

Behind the woodshop and Bluestem showroom lies ninety acres of grassland, which has supported a herd of cattle continuously for more than fifty years. In addition to cattle, our family raises heritage hogs, chickens and turkeys, three horses, a donkey, and a host of other critters. We also grow vegetables for our own use, and feed for our livestock. This connection to the agricultural and natural heritage of our land informs what we do on a day to day basis, and informs the spirit of Bluestem.